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Space Rangers 2: Review @ GameZone

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - May 31, 2006 - 06:49 -
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8.8/10 is the score for Space Rangers 2 at GameZone:
Overall, the game is simple to figure out and jump into, but itís hard to master and even more difficult to quit playing. There are literally tons of things that you can do and get into, and the game leaves it so open ended that you can play it multiple times without it ever being the same game twice. Add in the mini games, and little add-ons like playing out a prison sentence or a pilot-ranking system that allows you to hire Rangers ranked lower than you to act as your wingmen and you have a solid title that will offer tons of sci-fi enjoyment for a LONG time. While it may be a little slow for you die-hard action gamers, those of you who enjoy these strategic games and have the time to sit down and get wrapped up in it should definitely check it out.
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