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Valhalla Chronicles Gallery

Myrthos, 2001-09-18

Valhalla Chronicles, under development by Paradox Entertainment, is set in the mythological Viking world of 1000 years ago. You play one of the four possible heroes and will have to interact with gods and humans to successfully complete the 17 missions that lay before you. Each mission brings you closer to your destination, which is defeating the vile and deceitful Loke, half-god and half-giant in order to prevent the coming of Ragnarok, hell on earth.

You start as a chieftan in one of the small villages and can be accompanied by 6 fellow Vikings who can help you in expanding your wealth and your territory. Besides being able to travel by foot, you can also build a boat and cross the waters to other realms. Once you have enough experience the missions starts and you are on your way to find the 8 runes needed to stop the coming of Ragnarok.

With the threat of Ragnarok drawing closer, creatures from other worlds cross the boundaries and are rampaging through the world of Midgard, of which we have some artwork.

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You can see more artwork from the Valhalla Chronicles designers right here.

Some screenshots showing off the 2D engine of Valhalla Chronicles can be spotted here.

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Valhalla Chronicles is scheduled for release before Christmas 2001. An intro movie for the game has been made in the Bink format, which can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

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The intro movie of Valhalla Chronicles in the Bink exe format

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