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Fatherdale Development Update & Gallery

Garrett, 2002-09-30

Fatherdale: The Guardians of Asgard is an intricate RPG/Adventure for the PC where the battle between the Gods and their eternal enemy unfolds in the true medieval world of AD 1072. As one of the few immortal Heroes who protect the ancient artifacts of knowledge, you take on the reins of a warlord in a secluded northern valley of Fatherdale just days before it becomes the Battlefield of Fate to experience a story-driven multi-genre gameplay focused around RPG, RTS and Adventure. With over hundred and fifty unique characters, thrice that much in hand-crafted inventory items, more than sixty locations in steppes, woods and swamps, on plains, river banks and even inside the wooden Keeps of the Guardians, you have a whole world to explore, protect and die for -- and seven full-fledged Episodes to play through a number of styles and genres before you face your real Enemy.

We hace received a development update from Snowball's Sergei Klimov indicating that some yet to be announced changes will be announced (soon, hopefully). We also received two screenshots taken from the latest built.

The project hasn't been cancelled -- this I can assure -- but neither can I name, at the moment, a release date that we would be in a position to officially announce. For one thing, the work on Fatherdale has been going all the year through, for another and in sync with our perfectionist reputation, it has been going (creatively speaking) in a quite surprising direction for anyone outside of Snowball.

The lack of updates on the game's site is a direct result of all resources tied up on creative side and team's resolution not to go public until they are a step away from naming a final release date set in stone. The most I can confirm now is that the project is in development and we will update the site / announce the news as soon as the team is ready. Sorry if this sounds a bit too vague but this is all the team is ready to confirm at the moment.

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