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Metalheart: Interview @ NMA

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Friday - December 26, 2003 - 17:08 -
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Metalheart: Replicants Rampage may not ring a bell - the sci-fi 2D party RPG from Russia's Akella was announced last October but hasn't generated any news since. No Mutants Allowed has conducted an interview with Chief Programmer Alex Filatow to uncover a little more detail:
Odin: Tell us about the character creation, the different attributes and skills one can select.
Alex: The player will be able to put up to 6 characters in his team. Two of them cannot be removed from the party – they are the captain and his assistant. The rest of the characters can be hired in bars, on the street, almost wherever.

Depending on the team constellation you will have to act differently. 4 cyborgs will force you to play something like a hack'n’slash game. And 4 nomads will make a battle look more like a chess game. I mentioned hack'n'slash and chess, but this was only a some kind of comparison, the example. Every character has an amount of free slots for the implants and two hands for the weapons. Especially the implants may change the role of the character dramatically. Imagine you hired a weak mutant with some average values. You extend him with some medical wisdom chip, cyberlegs detecting hidden mines and a third hand, programmed for perfect grenade throwing – all this abilities will make him very useful. And not only in the battle.

A word about implants and gadgets. Some of them can be ’inserted’ by yourself. Like external adrenaline controller bracelet that keeps the level of your adrenaline constantf. This is so-called level 1 implant.

To make a level 2 implant, you will need some assistance from a person who has some medical knowledge. Level 3 implants can be ’inserted’ in special clinics. Good examples of level 3 implants are lungs, brains, digital nerve systems.

Beyond this implant usage, every character has 16 individual parameters (dexterity, perception, charisma). The development of this parameters is classical.
Thanks, Odin.
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