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UO: Age of Shadows - Interview @ GameSpy

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Sunday - July 28, 2002 - 07:09 -
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GameSpy has conducted an interview with Origin's senior producer Rick Hall. The Q&A covers EA's/Origin's recently announced Age of Shadows expansion pack for Ultima Online.

Here's an interesting snip:
    GameSpy: Okay onto a broader question about the future of Ultima Online. What are some of the things you have planned to put your game in a position to compete with the likes of EverQuest 2, Shadowbane, and Asheron's Call 2? More directly, do you think UO is going to be going strong enough to hold its player base and attract new players by the time these games come out?

    Rick Hall: It's difficult to comment on games that have not been released and therefore don't yet have a community, and that is what UO is all about. Over the years, we've come to realize that Ultima Online isn't actually a direct competitor with that style of game. We're a beast of a different color, and it's that uniqueness that allows us to retain our share of the online market. Those other worlds are places where players can "do" something different. UO is a place where players can "be" something different. It's a place of belonging. As such it doesn't compete directly with anything else. Our strength of community is something that other companies can't emulate, so yes, I see no reason to believe that we can't continue to grow forever.
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