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Project Entropia Creature week

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - August 06, 2001 - 14:02 -
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There is a new themed week over at the official site for Planet Entropia: Creature Week. Here's something about the Foul (could be me):

    The name of this xenoanthropoid pretty much speaks for itself. Fouls are cunning and sinister and would be considered plain evil if it weren't for their clearly primitive state of being. Their social structure is a total anarchy and individuals seem to roam free as they please in search of prey or mates. A Foul may look puny and weak but it is a dangerous creature, even at a distance. As they mature they develop the uncanny natural ability to use mental powers when they hunt, which are very similar to the human Mindforce. They lack an oral opening for the intake of protein or liquid substance and instead they have a strange grinning opening with rows of fleshy whalebones to filter the air they breathe for oxygen. It's believed that the fine blood veins in these whalebones are also directly linked to the creature's brain in order to develop and sustain their mental powers. Their unique metabolism allows them to feed solely on bio-energy from other living beings, using their long arms and hands that are equipped with special suckers on its fingertips. When a prey has been subdued by the Foul's mental powers and caught it will literally suck the life from the prey's body until it's dead.
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