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Lukewarm Wizardry 8 Review at IGN.PC

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Saturday - December 15, 2001 - 05:04 -
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It's the first one I have seen that doesn't praise Wizardry 8 - IGN.PC has written a a review that awards the game with just 7.5/10. Main complaints are graphics and the combat system. Here's the thing about graphics:

    So there I was. I'd made my party, I clicked and switched and fiddled around until I had just the right portrait, voice, personality, and profession for every member of my team, and I was ready to rock and/or roll. I fired up the game engine, and entered the world.

    And stepped back into 1997.

    Look, I don't consider graphics more important than gameplay. I still play X-COM: UFO Defense and some other old relics because they remain great games. But my first reaction, when some mashed-down little crab scuttled up to my party and clicked its clackers at me, was outright laughter. These are horribly dated, butt-ugly graphics, folks, and anyone who says anything different is profoundly ignorant as to the state of gaming technology today. But that's what happens when you leave a game too long in development.

    Yes, it's true that RPGs take longer to develop, and graphics can suffer as a result, but they shouldn't look this bad, and a lengthy development time isn't a valid excuse. Look at the early stuff for Morrowind, or even at EverQuest, which is a fairly old online RPG but still looks worlds better and beyond this.
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