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Valhalla Chronicles Interview

conducted by Garrett, 2001-07-02

Valhalla Chronicles is new isometric RPG by Swedish Paradox Entertainment and developer Oblivion Entertainment. We had the chance to ask a few questions to producer Christofer Sundberg and learned some very interesting new aspects of this game.




RPGDot: Please introduce yourself & Valhalla Chronicles to us. What kind of game is it? What is the background story?

Christofer Sundberg: My name is Christofer Sundberg and I am the producer for Valhalla Chronicles. My job is to lead the production and make sure the game is delivered on time and that it meets the requirements we have on a game. Paradox Entertainment produces the game and the actual development is done by Oblivion Entertainment.

Valhalla Chronicles is a strongly storydriven roleplaying adventure game, set in the Viking era.

The background story is quite tricky to explain in short, but I'll give it a shot. In a time of vikings, four heroes set out on a mission - unaware of each other and their agendas - to find the eight lost runes of Oden. The four different storylines will cross and be linked with each other, even though they are played as four different adventures.

RPGDot: Is Valhalla Chronicles a real RPG or more of Strategy or Action?

Christofer Sundberg: As Valhalla Chronicles is a single-player game only, we have chosen to focus on the storyline elements and let players develop their characters as the story goes on. Therefore we have chosen to go a middleway, between real RPG with a big potion of action.

RPGDot: Is there a party or can you recruit NPC's?

Christofer Sundberg: There are no reqruitable members in the game. However there are a huge number of NPC's which will help you out during the game and you will have combat allies, but there are no real party as in the classic fantasy RPG manner.

RPGDot: What describes the characters, what attrributes & abilities are there?

Christofer Sundberg: The four characters are very different from each other and they all have different backgrounds, abilities, agendas and goals:

Thorgeir is a honourable Viking trained in the traditional way of a Viking warrior. His sacrifices and dedication to the gods has served him well. His family is involved in a blood feud that takes place on Iceland. After receiving a troublesome message from his brother regarding an evil dictatorial creator in alliance with his enemies, Thorgeir travels to Iceland where his adventure starts and turns out to offer him a challenge he cannot turn down.


Tuva is unknowingly the daughter of a Valkyria and a mortal man. Tuva's father was mortally wounded in a battle and a Valkyria was sent from the gods to bring his slayer to Valhalla. The Valkyria sent for him was overwhelmed by his spirit, which gave her lust for life and fell in love with him, which also gave him his life back. After giving birth to Tuva, the Valkyria dies and leaves Tuva's father alone to bring up Tuva in Norway. In her early adulthood, Tuva's father is killed by his former best friend. Alone and rootless, Tuva wants revenge and feels a strong need to search for her true past. With clues from her fathers old jewellery Tuva's path crosses something completely different…


Born and raised on the island of Gotland, Grim is a Viking of the more ruthless kind, bred into a world where raids and violence is the way of the world he is now preparing to make his mark on Europe and show the Christians the Norse contempt for their ways. Grim is the son of a great warrior and thus worships Odin. After several deaths and failed crops Grims people are now starving and live in fear. The people ask the local Thul (Norse priest/shaman) if the gods have abandoned them. The Thul are aware of a stolen artefact, which caused anger with the gods. Grim is asked to go to Uppsala to find the stolen artefact and accepts the mission unknowing what is waiting for him…


Hymer is a young Swedish Viking in his early manhood and the heir to a village chief. In his youth and naivety he is deprived of his rights to the throne. After his father's sudden death, Volgar - a fellow chief to his father - dooms Hymer as an outcast. He finds out that a betrayal by Volgar caused his fathers death and sets out for revenge. His quest for revenge turns out to have many twists and turns and Hymer is pulled into an adventure he didn't dare to dream of.


RPGDot: Is there something like magic, since the game takes places in the northern mythology? If so, please describe the magic system...

Christofer Sundberg: There is magic, but the magic is related to the runes and artefacts you will find and use in the game.

RPGDot: How does combat take place?

Christofer Sundberg: We are still considering several options with the combat system, so it is not finalized yet. The combat system will be one of the missions for our beta testers.

RPGDot: What makes Valhalla Chronicles outstanding compared to other games of similar gameplay?

Christofer Sundberg: The storyline and it's background. The storyline is really intriguing and can be played from many different angles and offers a true challenge.

RPGDot: When will the game be released? What are the technical features of the title (resolution, D3D, EAX etc)?

Christofer Sundberg: The game will be released this fall. The game support DirectSound3D, but the main strength of the game is the engine. We can have hundreds of characters on the screen at the same time without affecting the performance. This can be used to create huge city environments or battlefields.

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