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Horizons E3 impressions at Warcry

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Monday - June 02, 2003 - 14:54 -
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Another nice newsbit Ken spotted is a preview of Horizons, based on their E3 impressions. Thanks for sharing this with all visitors here, Ken :-). Here's an excerpt:
We started out in the middle of a storm – lighting, thunder, rain and all. We were told that storm effects could be local spells as well, not just bad weather. I’d hate to have to try and duck from a lightning bolt. From here we flew to the very impressive floating islands. This game is different than most in that’s it not really one flat plan with the appearance of different altitudes – there ARE different altitudes. The island we saw we could fly under, or purchase and start to build.

Beneath it you could see where the beta 2 testers were already starting to build housing – against the wishes of the developers. But the beta had gone so well (not one restart in Beta 1) they were running out of things to do! By the way, you don’t buy a plot of land and stick a house on it. You’re going to have to BUILD it. That means gathering resources and forging items…and resources won’t be static. You can deplete a resource and have to find more. And those sneaky devs will keep an eye on it and move it.
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