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Horizons: Fresh Look @ WarCry

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - July 06, 2005 - 09:02 -
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WarCry takes a Fresh Look at Horizons, finding both bad points along with some surprisingly good:
Horizons burst into the world an ugly, malformed mess, a mewling, buggy MMO that heralded the end of the days when pushing a half-complete tech demo out the door would sell 50,000 copies. You might even say it was the vanguard of a new generation, leading in a succession of half-finished flops as developers and investors started to come to the shocking, horrifying conclusion that people might not actually give them money for whatever steaming pile of code they slapped in a box and put on a shelf, no matter how many times they said, “Oooh, dragons.”
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