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Second Life: New Players Equipped With Jet Packs

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Wildefire @ Tuesday - November 08, 2005 - 20:48 -
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In apology for some of the not-so-stellar experiences some new Second Life players have had during times of overcrowding and server instability, Linden Lab is equipping recently-created accounts with free jetpacks that allow one's avatar to move through the gameworld up to 20 times faster than normal. The jetpack is one of a handful of exclusive new promotional items that Linden Lab hands out under various circumstances. What follows is taken from an email sent to a Second Life newbie:
We noticed you joined Second Life recently-- so, our welcome! We also noticed how crowded and crashy Second Life has been recently-- so, our apologies! Linden Lab staff have already fixed many of the technical troubles you may have noticed after our recent upgrade. And now that Second Life is back to being a bustling world, we wanted to offer you a gift, our way of apologizing for any frustration you may have had, on your first visit, and a new way for you to adventure, when you return. It'll be waiting in your inventory, next time you log in. (Click on the Inventory button in the bottom right hand corner and then do a search for "BLOO" in the inventory search field.)

Presenting: the BLOO Jetpack!
Zip around Second Life at speeds up to 20 times normal flight velocity! Full jet exhaust effects-- write your name across the sky! Fly at unrestricted heights, and explore all the mysterious air cities and space ships at the edge of SL's gravitational pull. Comes with an on-board Help System - just type "Help" into chat. Customize the color and texture your Bloo to fit your flying personality.

You saw Second Life at its slowest-- now see it at supersonic speeds!
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