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Asheron's Call 2: Legions
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Wizardry 8 Music

Garrett, 2001-06-30

T-Rang (1.9 MB)
Composer Kevin Manthei about the track: "Here is one of the first tracks I composed for Wizardry 8. It has a different sound combining medieval elements with world mallet percussion. It was  great fun to work with Ian Currie again. The T-Rang is a race of creatures you meet on your adventure. You hear this while roaming their lands!

Arnika Theme (1.91 MB)
Composer Kevin Manthei about the track: ""Wizardry 8's music is a cross between modern orchestral film scores and adventure music with a bit of medieval and Eastern influences thrown in. Some of the tracks utilize Mallet percussion from the Asian continents mixed with Gregorian Chant straight from the Dark Ages."

Kevin Manthei's Homepage

Average Reader Ratings: 8.04 (333 votes)
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