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Project Entropia Interview

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Sunday - January 27, 2002 - 08:02 -
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Gaminggroove has done a nice interview with the Project Entropia team on their upcoming MMORPG. Two pages full of info - like their first question:

    GamingGroove: Project Entropia is highly ambitious, with new ideas, such as the conversion of real-world currency to what are called "Project Entropia Dollars (PED)" being a major element. How will this work?
    Project Entropia Team: I certainly agree that Project Entropia has high ambitions. Bearing in mind that the development has been going on for over four years and has currently around 50 full-time employees, I think this says quite a bit. The point you brought up is one of the cornerstones of Project Entropia, namely the construction of a world with a fully functioning economy. We're not talking about some form of make-believe economy just for the sake of having money in the game; we mean a real economy based on real money.
    The bottom line is that as a player, you can exchange real money for PED (Project Entropia Dollars). Our intention is that several alternatives will be available including credit cards, money orders and checks. PED will correlate to the US$ in the ratio of 1 US$ = 10 PED. When money has been lodged in your personal account inside Project Entropia, you may begin using your PED to purchase a great many different things from clothes to weapons, education and houses. Connections to the real world will also allow you to order products to be delivered to your real-life home. There will even be a stock exchange where you can speculate, and a casino for those old enough to try their luck.

    What will really make Project Entropia stand out is that as a user, you will also have the option to exchange your PED for real money and have it transferred to your credit card or bank account. This means it will be possible to fully support yourself in real life by your activity in Project Entropia.
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