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The Chronicles of Ny Announced

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - October 21, 2003 - 03:34 -
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Clownkeep has announced an RPG project called 'The Chronicles of Ny'. The details are fairly scant at this point so here's a few snips from their website:
Birmingham, AL -- October 20, 2003 -- ClownKeep today announced the development of The Chronicles of Ny. This unique, multi-part, role-playing game will be released for the PC.

An evil returns from the past, bound by a hatred that the grave could not kill. A dark shadow is falling on the frontier province of Racorr. Enter a land forged in the crossroad of many cultures and uncover the threat that binds them all. Can you uncover and defeat a sinister conspiracy that preys on weakness and despair? Welcome to Racorr, the easternmost frontier province of the Great Kingdom of Ny.


  • Full 3D world with stunning landscapes

  • Powerful spells and magical weapons.

  • Customizable characters.

  • Multiple character races and a character development system that is skill based not class based.

  • Grand plot themes, multiple endings, and dozens of mini-adventure opportunities.

  • Hidden areas, items, and characters.

  • Spectacular graphics with pixel and vertex shader effects.
  • Their website has some screenshots here.
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