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More info on the Gothic 2 addon

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Friday - July 04, 2003 - 13:09 -
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As most of the information about the Gothic 2 addon released so far was not correct, Piranha Bytes brought some light in the dark today when giving some first infos in our interview. More info can be found on this thread in the official Gothic 2 Addon Forum. As I assume only a few of you wil understand that as it's German, I'll translate it for you:
Hi Folks,

first, we'd like to apologize for not getting back to you for so long. Our silence was because of legal/contract reasons.

There are good news and there are bad news. First the bad:
While we remained silent, other sites did post things that are not true.

The good news is: We can talk now. Soon, we will put up a new website for the addon, with a lot of hot info and material!

We give you some facts from us Piranhas (which are official now):

There'll be an additional upper world level map with many different locations. The new landmass has become a lot larger than we planned it. But the new story needs space. So you can increase the numbers you heard so far.

The story of the addon is embedded in the original Gothic II. You'll have to get to know the new area and have to find a way to it first before adventuring there. The main part of the new NPCs is located in the new world, but a few can also be met in the known areas.

In the many speculations in this forum word is always about the special role of the water mages. You are absolutely right here. The water mages from Gothic 1 and their secret circle, the 'Ring of Water', will be omnipresent in the story.

There are new guilds, one of which can be joined additional to your reguar guild. This new guild is some kind of side guild, that is not replacing the original guilds.

Of course, there'll be new monsters, weapons, spells, armor and rendered movies.

We really don't want to give out more info at this time. And we have good news for all of you who got spoiled by the too detailed information given out recently (
note from the editor: relates to the info on softunity.de shop site): Forget most of the info and prepare yourself for many surprises. And don't believe anything that's not coming from us directly :-).

More infos can be found on the addon page soon.

Take care,

Piranha Bytes
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