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Wizardry 8 Release Date Set

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Wednesday - October 17, 2001 - 11:50 -
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Sir Tech's Linda Currie just announced the Wizardry 8 Release Date on the Software Specialities Boards: Look for it in stores November 15th in the US & Canada (Actually the same day as Gothic is hitting shelves) - here's the press release:


    Ottawa, CANADA, October 10, 2001 – Sirtech Canada Limited today announced their eagerly anticipated title, Wizardry 8, will become available at retail stores across the USA and Canada on November 15, 2001.

    Fans have long awaited information about the release date of Wizardry 8. “We remain completely committed to bringing Wizardry 8 to market and supporting the release so that our fans can experience the best role-playing has to offer,” said Linda Currie, Project Leader.

    “We have a game with such depth of content that trying to encompass its features in a press announcement is incredibly difficult,” said Linda Currie. “Wizardry 8 truly is a game unlike any other.”

    Some of the product highlights include truly intelligent creatures, character formations, complete flexibility between phased and continuous combat modes, and a magic system with over 100 spells with unique targeting characteristics that make for a combat experience that exceeds anything previously seen. Fifteen character classes and 11 character races, dozens of skills, and tons of character dialogue are just part of the detailed character development system. Intriguing quests, an in-depth story, fantastic locations and vibrant characters with a totally unique interaction system to interface with them, work to create a game that will keep players hooked. With hundreds of creatures, a rich and varied arsenal of items, spectacular 3D graphics and special effects, Wizardry 8 takes role-playing games to the next level.

    Four years in the making, Wizardry 8 offers exceptionally robust entertainment value to role-playing gamers. “We have devoted numerous, very extensive quality assurance testing periods to this product that spanned over 18 months. We can assure consumers that they will have a hassle free playing experience that won’t be plagued by the kinds of bugs seen in so many other game releases.” Said Linda Currie, “Nothing was more important to us than this!”

    Sybex will release the official Wizardry 8 clue book simultaneously with the software release. This book provides a fascinating compilation of facts, background, and puzzle solutions. “Wizardry 8 is a substantial game with a lot of optional sub-quests. With multiple ways to complete the game, the official Wizardry 8 clue book will be a useful tool to learn about the various nuances found in the game.” said Linda Currie.

    Concluding her interview remarks, Linda Currie explained “I am grateful to our many fans for the patience they have shown while this title was in development. At the end of the day, you will find it has been worth the wait. Thank you, from all of us at Sirtech, for the support you have given us throughout all of our years.”

No word, who the publisher is so far, but we'll keep you updated on that as well of course!
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