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Nazghul - Progress Diary

(PC: RPG-Making) | Posted by Parcival @ Wednesday - November 05, 2003 - 17:46 -
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The DevBlog at the Nazghul site continues and as the projects development has slowed down a bit, the diary turns a bit philosophical.
It's a new month, and looking back over October it's disappointing to see how much things have slowed down in the progress of Nazghul. Part of the slow-down is due to the addition of grad school to my schedule, and part of it is due to where the project is in its lifecycle.
And part of it is due to my never-ending mental conflict about the right way to
make software. There's a right way, and there's a wrong way, and the wrong way always seem to work so much better... to a point. And the right way never seems to work out at all; projects which start out the right way either don't get finished, get crushed by the competition, or at some point say "screw it!" and start doing things the wrong way.
I suspect that software doesn't succeed or fail because people used the right or the wrong way, but rather it succeeds because someone makes it work.

Continue reading at the Nazghul Website.
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