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Horizons: Review @ ZenGamer

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - January 09, 2004 - 20:14 -
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The folks from ZenGamer have meditated a bit over Artifact's/Atari's fantasy MMORPG 'Horizons' and instead of awarding it a score in their review came up with this enlightening conclusion:
Is Horizons going to revolutionize the genre? No. All in all it's a traditional fantasy MMMORPG with a few neat innovations. However, it does the traditional things very well and provides a substantial foundation for the player-driven economy. Players who want to craft full-time will absolutely love the crafting system, which is the deepest and most efficient of any MMORPG to date. Adventurer-types will love the ability to try out various classes while playing a role in fighting back the undead hordes. While the true potential of the game has not yet been realized (the war with the Withered Aegis being the primary component), the underlying core of the game has proven to be very solid. The game is really well-suited for the casual MMORPGer. Hardcore people may find it to be a little too easy (the light death penalty, reduced downtime, etc.), but even they may be persuaded by the dynamic game world and various class options. I firmly believe that Horizons has a chance to be as successful as other fantasy MMORPG hits like Asheron's Call or Dark Age of Camelot. Happy adventuring to everyone, and if you see a big half-giant paladin named Khephram, be sure to say hello!
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