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Wizardry 8 Team Alive and for hire

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Wednesday - December 18, 2002 - 14:08 -
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Wizardry 8 won last year's RPGDot "RPG of the Year Award". And what a great game that was. Now, a mail from Linda Currie reached us, asking us to publish this press release:
    OTTAWA, Canada – December 18th, 2002 — The development team that brought you Wizardry 8 and the Jagged Alliance series would like to announce to the industry that they are available for new game development projects. This team has been together since 1994 and has six published titles to its credit, developed over an eight-year span.

    "This may seem unusual, but releasing an announcement like this was the best way to make it known that our experienced development team is now available," said Linda Currie, former project leader of Wizardry 8. "Building a cohesive team is a difficult process and here we have 15 individuals who have gone to great lengths to continue working together."

    "We know the huge difference having an experienced team makes in game development," adds Ian Currie, original creator of the Jagged Alliance series. "It would be a great shame if the collective knowledge and spirit of the combined team was lost."

    "Ian and I have a great deal of experience in this industry, with 13 and 20 years under our belts respectively. Most of the team has been working with us for over five years while some go back to 1993. In an industry that typically sees rapid turnover and team fragmentation, there is no doubt that this is a tight group," notes Linda Currie.

    The team has well-established practices in creating software architecture to support foreign translations and has worked with numerous foreign publishing partners to see their titles localized in Germany, Russia, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, China, Spain, Italy and France.

    Poised to take advantage of the Canadian dollar, the team is located in Ottawa, Canada and would be happy to consider development projects from any party willing to fund a relatively low cost studio. Interested parties are invited to contact us at development_team2003@yahoo.com.

    Wizardry 8, published in 2001, is the recipient of numerous industry awards including Best Single-Player RPG 2001 from Computer Gaming World, Best Single Player Role-Playing Game from multiple on-line sites and was a Finalist for the Computer RPG of the Year for 2002 award from The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Jagged Alliance also boasts many industry accolades including "Game of the Year 1995" by Germany’s PowerPlay magazine, "Best Strategy Game of 1995" by PC Entertainment, "Turn-based Strategy Game of 1995" by Computer Games Strategy Plus, and an "Editor’s Choice" by PC Gamer. Jagged Alliance 2 was a top 10 best selling game in Germany for 10 consecutive weeks where it spent 6 weeks in the number one position and it too has been acclaimed in various print magazines as one of the top games of the 1998 season.
Let me just add that this is a great team that wrote great games, and if I would be able to employ them, I wouldn't hesitate a second :-)
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