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Ultima 9 - Ascension Game Info
Description: Ultima Ascension is the final installment to the Ultima Series.
The text of the press release below doesnot mention the plot to be inconsistent with previous ultima's and the buggy state it shiped in. Nevertheless a must-play for any rpg game lover.

Date: 07 Oct 1999

Product Description

Ultima Ascension is the next-generation fantasy role-playing masterpiece that delivers the glory of saving a legendary land of virtue from the ultimate force of evil.

In a world where action heroes flail blindly in the mire of humanity, you have the upper hand in Ascension’s deep, engrossing story line. You are the Avatar, the ultimate hero, who must free Britannia™ from the Guardian’s sinister machinations. With the help of allies, both old and new, you will battle powerful foes, unravel mysterious puzzles and struggle to restore the eight basic virtues to the land, before engaging the Guardian in the final battle for Britannia.

Ascension’s 16-bit, 3-D graphics transport you into a rich, incredibly detailed world complete with moveable camera views, real-life physics, 3-D sound effects and full speech for every character.

During your quests, you’ll encounter more than 50 types of fantastic creatures and monsters. You’ll engage your enemies using a powerful magic system that enables you to cast from 8 circles of magic or an innovative new combat system that is the perfect blend of strategy and tactics.

It’s the return of the best selling role-playing game of all time and Lord British’s greatest masterpiece ever.

Key Features

- 16-bit, 3-D graphics with real-life physics and full 3-D sound
- Intricately detailed world with night and day cycles, weather and NPCs that live real lives.
- Dynamic lighting effects add intensity and depth to a world of magic, combat and mystery
- The legendary Ultima System of Virtues—what true role-playing is all about—where advancement is based on your decisions and actions, not your ability to hack and slash
- Deep, engrossing story line with a script written by a professional screen writer
- The most powerful magic system ever experienced in a fantasy game: potions, rituals and spells that you create and employ
- A truly epic story unfolds as you encounter friends and foes from previous Ultima games on your way to the climatic conclusion
- Developed by a veteran team led by the creator of the Ultima series, Richard (Lord British) Garriott
Average Reader Ratings: 6.49 (69 votes)
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Release date: Available since Q1 1999
Homepage: http://www.ultima-ascension.com
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Origin
Screenshots: Ultima 9 - Ascension Gallery
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