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Vision: Interview @ RPG Vault

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Monday - April 26, 2004 - 21:51 -
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RPG Vault has interviewed ALTAR Interactive's Vlada Chvatil to find out more about Octagon's recently unveiled (story) action RPG 'Vision'.
Jonric: Considering Vision in overview, what kind of game have you set out to create, and what kind of gameplay experience you are aiming to provide?

Vlada Chvatil: We want to create an RPG. That's all. Diablo and its clones are definitely great games, but they have nothing to do with the original meaning of the term role-playing. These days, the fact a game has RPG elements just means "There is some development of your character."

Okay, it is somewhat meaningless to give the player lots of options for classic role-playing in a single-player game, as there is usually no one who will watch him playing his role. But what we can do is give you the feeling that the NPCs (both the other party members and the enemies) are played well by the computer. If it's possible to treat them like living people, to consider their needs and emotions, to please them or to annoy them, that will give you a different experience from a fully controllable (and thus a little lifeless) party in Baldur's Gate, or absolutely uncontrollable Diablo hirelings.

We know you have seen many attempts at something similar that have failed (or were dropped during development, or were even never really intended to be implemented), so there is no way to convince you other than to do it. But note that although there might be other more visible unique selling points of the game, this one is the reason why we decided to create it.
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