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Beyond Divinity: Imprunner
Myrthos, 2004-02-14

As a free Valentine's gift, Larian Studios has just released Imprunner.

In Imprunner, you guide your imp through an ancient ceremony, laid out to capture the heart of your loved one. Seduce your mate by collecting a vast amount of mushrooms and challenging the Floogefrogs.

In addition to offering "old school", addictive gameplay, Imprunner hosts a horde of goodies:
- unique artwork illustrating the player's progress (based on your actual journey in Beyond Divinity),
- unique screenshots of Beyond Divinity.

Get your copy of Imprunner by clicking on the image below.

Imprunner, the moniker a wink at Beyond Divinity's original working title, is a 3D Director game played in your browser (requires shockwave plugin).

Imprunner will further tease the community with imagery and themes taken from Beyond Divinity, the soon to be released sequel to Larian's award-winning RPG, Divine Divinity.

Average Reader Ratings: 6.68 (19 votes)
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