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Project Entropia Turns One

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Saturday - January 31, 2004 - 00:35 -
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MindARK's Project Entropia is one year old according to a newsbit on their website. Here's a snippet:
The response have been massive to say the least without any major marketing campaign Project Entropia have reached over 85.000 registered accounts and the virtual universe is expanding every day. That kind of community support and a good word of mouth is impressive and we feel very happy about your level of confidence in us.

During 2004 Project Entropia will evolve even more. In the next couple of weeks we hope to present a road map of the future, to bring along the vibrant and creative Project Entropia community in the journey towards the next evolution. We are also putting together a series of milestones from the past seeing how Project Entropia looked in 1999 for instance.
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