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Fighting Legends Plane Gallery

Myrthos, 2001-08-07

Fighting Legends is an anime style MMORPG that blends RTS with RPG elements. It's one of the few online games where you not only control your main character but upto 16 others as well. The graphics of Fighting Legends are in an anime style and the characters in it can be described as being 'wacky', in a positive sense :).
To show you how this looks we present you with some screenshots from the different planes and the zones in them. This time it's the Sky Realm, the upper of the three planes in Fighting Legends. This realm has three kingdoms (and zones), Pyron, Rin and M-Clan. This time we feature the Pyron Kingdom.

The Pyron Kingdom
The Pyron Kingdom is the starting place for my own Incinerator Gunner. And it also is the home for the Priest and Wizard who are in my tribe. The members of the Pyron Clan were born of fury, and know nothing else. They exalt in doom, and frolic in chaotic seas of flame. Their sinister grins capture the ecstasy of their howling madness as they destroy all they survey. So it has always been.

To Clan Pyron, incineration is the only destiny for all things. With the power of fire as their ally, they feed off the heat and destruction of those around them. As depicted by their native lands, Clan Pyron holds nothing sacred. From an outside point of view the world looks like a burnt husk, long since cast away. To Clan Pyron this is their Mecca. From the ashy reaches of the Fire Seas, Clan Pyron happily pillages all in its path, believing they are giving the best gift a being would desire…fire.

Melee and speed are the best choices for clan member when going to combat. However I don't like melee combat that much in Fighting Legends so I opted for a simple gunner instead.

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From it a gateway leads to the Burning Lands. An area where the earth is dark, the rocks are radiating heat and the opponents are a lot stronger.

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From the Burning Lands other gateways lead to again other zones but at the moment these are not operational.

These and other screenshots can also be found in our Fighting Legends Gallery.

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