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Gladius (PS2): Review @ Entertainment Depot

(PS2: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Tuesday - December 02, 2003 - 18:22 -
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The Entertainment Depot has stocked up on a review of LucasArts' gladiator themed Playstation 2 RPG 'Gladius'. Rating: 8 out of 10 points.
Obviously, the biggest difference is graphics. The PS2, being a bit older, is naturally a little underpowered when compared to the Xbox and GC, and the graphics in Gladius reflect that. The color palettes are bit more bland and the animations are a bit more choppy than other versions. It's noticeable, but not inhibiting. Take a trip around the forums discussing the game, and you will undoubtedly stumble on gamers complaining about PS2 lag problems. However, in the hours and hours I spent with Gladius, I noticed no such lag or skipping. Sure, the animations weren't always fluid, but they were never laggy, and not once did the game skip on me. Luckily, Gladius is a strategy RPG, traditionally not a graphically innovating genre. Instead, Gladius focuses on the gameplay, and like the other versions, the PS2 delivers.
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