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Grimoire Gallery

by Garrett, 2002-06-25

We have received 6 brandnew Grimoire Screenshots from Lead Developer Cleve Blakemore. Grimoire is an old-school RPG in the tradition of the Wizardry series and will be released later this year!

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Cleve Blakemore has also sent us the following about Grimoire:

    "The above Screenshots are from the recent version of the game, reduced to 75% size. The new interface is what we have decided on after a complete overhaul by our current artist of the old interface look'and'feel. This is what Grimoire will look like when it is released. I really love it and I think it is better than anything we previously had, a real "Gold Box" SSI theme.

    The next beta test will commence at some point in mid-June, meaning Grimoire will likely not see a release until September at the earliest, after a very thorough beta test cycle. We are not going to rush it now when we have finally gotten it in shape for final testing."

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