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Jagged Alliance 3D Announced

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Tuesday - April 12, 2005 - 22:32 -
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Although we've known it was coming for a while, Game Factory Interactive has officially announced 'Jagged Alliance 3D', in development at MiSTland, creators of 'Paradise Cracked' and 'COPS 2170: Power of Law'. This is a continuation of the famous series but not necessarily the direct JA3 sequel you might be expecting, which should also be in development and will presumably be announced in due course. Here's the press release:
Jagged Alliance 3D

The game is a continuation of famous game series on franchises Jagged Alliance. These are the games of TBS genre with role elements.
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Game action takes place in the western coast of Africa. There is arms race intensification and exacerbation of a situation in the region. One of local countries desires to be a member of a nuclear club, but had no access to resources to produce it. The country has financed the revolution in another one small country, which possessed that resource. Thus, there was established a special regime in this country and all its resources were crossed to the invaders. Ex-government of the occupied country contacts with a player and suggests interfering in the situation: to overthrow a government of conqueror regime and to restore the previous regime. As conqueror-country and playerís opportunities arenít equal a player starts to wage guerilla warfare. But for all that the small country canít conduct open operations in the most big and powerful country, as it is afraid of world community attention. Thus, a player acts in a role of a Che Gevara of the present. The game consists of number of missions that are the unification of united plot. Game contains ~20 missions, who include obligatory and several unnecessary missions. Passing unnecessary missions, the player lightens pass of obligatory missions for himself, what means that the more unnecessary missions of the episode the player passes, the more easier it will be for him to execute the main mission of the episode.

Each mission is a level, on which the team of player appears and executes the combat task. In the real-time mode the player can control team, which can be arranged of 6 fighters (max). Mission considers accomplished if all of the soldiers of the enemy are destroyed. For successful execution of the mission the player gets money. Team of the player gathers experience and grows over itself.

Between missions the player can hire/fire the mercenaries, can buy/sell the ammunition, choose the mission from available on given moment missions (all of non accomplished missions of episode are available simultaneously).

Main features runs-down:

1. Jagged Alliance, but in 3D (the game has been developed based on the well-known brand)
1. Skinned mesh animation with animation blending
2. Grass fields rendering
3. Optimized tree rendering system
4. SSE and HT support
5. Many-storied buildings
6. DX 9

1. Recognizable charismatic persons (the game uses mercenaries from previous JA titles)
2. Thrilling campaign with a lot of various missions
3. Real-time gameplay with pause
4. High interactivity of levels (destructible objects)
5. A lot of various weapons
6. Mercenaries are raising their parameters during gameplay
1. Using JA role-playing system

7. Various mission objectives
1. Destroy all enemies
2. Destroy specific enemies

8. Visual variety of battlefield theaters (mountains, plains, towns, beaches, etc...)
1. Mountains
2. Plains
3. Towns
4. Beaches

9. Various difficulty settings Ė from casual to hardcore.
1. Easy (enemies ain't accurate)
2. Normal (enemies have normal accuracy)
3. Hard (enemies are very accurate)

10. Gameplay is dynamic and not turning into a boring routine

12. Ja2 interface (ui), adopted for real-time mode

12. JA2 20 missions (Campaign)
1. 12 core missions
2. 8 additional missions

13. 12 unique enemies' models (unique models can be modified by various heads, headwear, weapons)
14. 30 unique mercenaries (12 unique models, which are modified by skin color, unique heads, unique hairs, and other details)
15. 3 tile sets, which are used to create buildings (town, country, military)
16. More than 100 large unique objects for levels (from cruiser to tub, from hangar to toilet)
17. More than 40 kinds of flora (4 unique nature zones: mountains, plains, beaches, jungle)
18. More than 100 kinds of furniture (office, military, town, country, palace)
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