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Project Entropia Interview

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - October 25, 2001 - 17:56 -
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LoadedInc. has a big interview with Patric Sundstrom, MindArk's Marketing
Manager. The lengthy interview covers a variety of topics inclding how they plan to avoid the pitfalls og launching a new MMORPG and the game's unique payment system. The interview also comes with 4 brand new screenshots. Here's something:

    How much of Project Entropia has been completed so far and when do you expect the game to be finished?

    What is currently on our beta servers is a landmass of approximately 10 square kilometers. To this area we are constantly adding structures, objects and creatures that the beta testers are exploring. This is a small part of the real world that will be approximately 270 290 square kilometers of land, and this does not include the large ocean. We are developing the larger world in parallel with the small beta area, trying to cater to the wishes of our testers as much as possible.

    So defining our progress would in itself be difficult, but when we look at what we currently have on our internal servers and on the beta server, we are pleased with our progress. Overall, we are on or perhaps slightly ahead of schedule in most if not all areas.

    Project Entropia will be developed continuously, so it will never be finished. As for when it will be released, we do not wish to make any promises, so the answer I will give is that we have set a high standard for ourselves, and that we plan to meet it when we release.
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