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Project Entropia Interview

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Friday - June 01, 2001 - 13:10 -
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PC.IGN has conducted an interview with Mind Ark's Patrick Sundstrom about their upcoming MMORPG Project Entropia:

    IGNPC: What's the backstory behind Project Entropia?

    Patric Sundström: Project Entropia is set in the distant future, far away from Earth at the edge of known space on a planet called Calypso. The newly re-established colony cities are the only ones that remain after a violent war against renegade robots, which had originally prepared the planet for the first human arrivals, but then revolted against them. These robots were finally defeated and new cities were constructed with corporate aid which created a secure urban environment to ensure both peace and prosperity for all new settlers.

    Aside from natural conflicts with native wildlife, the world has been peaceful, but new threats have emerged, both from mutants originating in the ruins of the past battles and from a new breed of robots sent by a nearby robotic mining colony. The same type of problem that corrupted Calypso’s first robots has also infected this colony. As a result, another hostile insurrection is at hand from these new robots, which are now trying to invade the planet. But despite these threats, the human cities remain as secure islands of tranquillity in the midst of an untamed world where settlers are free to live their lives as they please. Some may choose to enjoy and support the safe and social comfort amongst friends inside a vast urban utopia, while others may feel the urge to expand their world and directly confront deadly adversaries on the outside in the struggle to conquer and protect the world of Project Entropia.

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