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Haunting Ground (PS2): Review @ Just Adventure

(PS2: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Tuesday - July 19, 2005 - 12:42 -
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Just Adventure's delightful Aya brings to us her rather realistic review for Capcom's adventure-horror, "Haunting Ground"...

All that sounds great so far, but unfortunately Haunting Ground suffers from the same problem CT3 did – it can become extremely frustrating. Picture this: you have just entered a new area. There is something that looks like a puzzle, a couple of desks to explore, one item in the back and a couple of doors leading to new areas. Suddenly, Daniela makes her appearance, holding a razor-sharp shard of glass. You order Hewey to attack her and you start running, trying to find a hiding spot. After a few screens, you eventually find one, where you hide and wait. Daniela comes in the room, can’t find you, leaves but comes back a few seconds after you came out of your hiding place (even though the “Coast Clear” message appeared). You start running again, and by the time you manage to lose her you are several screens away from the area where the chasing begun. Now you need to walk all the way back, but when you get there you barely have time to do anything cause Daniela is back! And you start running all over again, wishing you could find a rocket launcher… Sometimes this can happen so much that it takes forever just to explore a couple of rooms and it becomes extremely repetitive and frustrating. It also takes away a good chunk of the fun off the game to the point where I had to put the game aside for a couple of days (yes, it got that bad). LOTS of patience is required to play Haunting Ground – but adventurers are known for their patience, aren’t they?!

Aya gave Haunting Ground an overall grade of B-.
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