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Horizons Q&A at Stratics

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - May 22, 2003 - 03:44 -
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Stratics has posted their monthly interview with members of the Horizons dev team. This time, James Jones, Co-President and Chief Operating Officer of Artifact Entertainment, was invited to talk about the business side of Horizons. That's an interesting topic for sure, one that isn't talked about too much in interviews, and don't expect too much revealing info in there either, but a little is better than nothing, isn't it? Most of the interview deals with James and his career, but here's a bit about how the managementrt of AE works together:
How well does the Artifact Entertainment Management work together? Who are the trouble-makers and who are the little angels?

For me it has been an incredible pleasure to work with the various veteran managers we have at Artifact. As with any management team we don't always agree 100% of the time but we have fine tuned our process for making critical decisions over the last 2 years even when everyone doesn't completely agree. We have a high level of trust between our managers to perform each person's specific tasks. This comfort level in relying on each other to get our jobs done goes a long ways for the project as each manager is able to focus almost exclusively on their realm of expertise making all of us better managers. We've definitely had our share of mistakes through the development but we've stayed very strong as a team without constantly second guessing and pointing fingers when things don't work out. We focus on how to fix things and improve processes rather than dwell on the mistakes of the past.
Long time readers of this site will certainly remember that Horzions and Artifact Entertainment had a turbulent past, and if you are interested in what has happened there, our game info page will let you access various newsbits on that topic.
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