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RF Online: Interview @ RF Online

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Dhruin @ Wednesday - November 23, 2005 - 07:23 -
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TotalVideoGames has a conversation with Michael Rowland from Codemasters on RF Online. Here's a snip from the interview:
Tell us the basics along with the innovations of RF, what some of the aims are and how you see RF and what it offers against many other MMORPG and especially its appeal for Korean gamers?

RF Online: Click for screenshotsRF Online stands out more from the typical MMOs that you will see out in the market. Your typical MMO is often set in a fantasy-based genre with elves, orcs, and magic or follows a strict Sci-Fi theme with intergalactic travel and futuristic weaponry. RF Online brings these genres together for the first time in any MMO, and the mix follows an intriguing history and storyline.

Our aim is to bring this mix to the Western market using the talents of the East, renowned for their quality MMO games, and taking the new and old breed of MMO gamers to the next level of gaming.

The game offers a great PvP system but takes this a step further with Race Vs Race Vs Race system. When you join the game you join a nation, fighting and supporting your race as you progress through the game. What you do can directly reflect back on your race, from altering the economy, to winning battles for control over mining areas, to actually leading your race into battle. Each individual makes the whole!

I guess this aspect of the game stands out in the Korean market where honor is a part of the culture and builds up camaraderie among races. I also think the hulking battle mechs appeal to them too.
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