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AdventureDot - Looking For A Few Good People!

We are growing, and we are now looking for a few, highly motivated individuals who might like to pursue a rewarding (not that we can offer any kind of salary) career as one of AdventureDot's finest Editors! Are you the one? Do you have what it takes to do the job well? Please consider the following before applying:

Primary Duties:

* Responsibility for surfing the internet and reporting the latest (and greatest) news, media, and other items pertaining to adventure games and gaming.

*Utilizing your own creativity to author your own reviews and special articles/features pertaining to adventure games.

Secondary Duties:

*Assisting other Team RPGDot Editors-In-Chief, Super-Admins, Editors, and Forum Moderators on an "as-needed" basis.

*Contributing to, and participation in, such diverse RPGDot activities as our annual GOTY (Game Of The Year) awards, polls, etc.

**This should be a primary requirement - but staying in touch with the RPGDot team via team e-mails, etc.

Qualifications & Requirements:

*Carefully submit the times you would be available for reporting - this would assist the RPGDot staff in assigning any "reporting shifts" and/or requests for covering another Editor in the case of problems that may arise.

*Obviously, a degree of competence in the English language is required. If you do not understand what a competence in the English language involves, then this is not for you! If you do not have an online portfolio available, then active links to any online writings are permitted as part of your application. (Note: ability to use a spellchecker will be appreciated - and noted).

*Ability to work well with others (NOTE: we at RPGDot are a very diversified, but happy "family").

Remuneration/Salary & Benefits:

*AdventureDot does NOT discriminate when determining staff salaries (We have no "salaries" - your work here is all voluntary).

*AdventureDot does make it possible to visit all the gaming events (at your own expense) - but we actually do provide authentic press passes and such (available upon consent by our sponsor, Jolt UK).

* AdventureDot IS a source for reference to any new Editor trying to establish a source of experience in the growing world of gaming reporting (based on proven performance, of course).

If you would still like to be a part of the RPGDot family, then submit your online application (obviously with a short resume and/or at least tell us a little about yourself) to Kristophe@rpgdot.com

All original content of this site is copyrighted by RPGWatch. Copying or reproducing of any part of this site is strictly prohibited. Taking anything from this site without authorisation will be considered stealing and we'll be forced to visit you and jump on your legs until you give it back.