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Fighting Legends Plane Gallery

Myrthos, 2001-09-02

Fighting Legends is an anime style MMORPG that blends RTS with RPG elements. It's one of the few online games where you not only control your main character but upto 16 others as well. The graphics of Fighting Legends are in an anime style and the characters in it can be described as being 'wacky', in a positive sense :).
To show you how this looks we present you with some screenshots from the different planes and the zones in them. This time it's the Sky Realm, the upper of the three planes in Fighting Legends. This realm has three kingdoms (and zones), Pyron, Rin and M-Clan. Today we feature the Rin Kingdom.

The Rin Kingdom
RIN were once tree-babies. The most ancient race on Exisle, their story is as old as the Tale of the Great division, when the power of love split the harmonic cosmos into the nine forms. It is said that from the One sprang the sprouts of M and Ayella…the brother and sister whose love for one another dumbfounded the gods into the stupor of linear time.

Over the millennia since then, the RIN have studied all the arts of technology and M power in their towering abodes, and have made peace with the Horde. But never in ten thousand generations have M and Ayella been found…alive or otherwise. For their kind, these two children are a symbol of hope and proof of a heritage from before the times of the Great Seed.

Among others, the RIN are wise and humble. They draw on the nature force of Exisle and strive to bring their noble ways to all who wish supreme knowledge.

Missile, MPow and Techniq are what the Rin are best in.

Here are some screens from the starting zone for the Rin, named The Rin Kingdom.

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The Red Leaf Forrest
The gateway in the Rin Kingdom leads to the Red Leaf Forrest. This is a huge area where you can run up and down the branches of a gigantic trea. At the end of the branches are leafs, each leading to a new different zone. But you can not enter these zones unless you have a key. To get the key you need to kill the keymaster. Each gate has it's own keymaster, but the keymaster is not near the gate. He is somewhere else in this vast but somewhat empty area. It's up to you to find him and kill him in order to get access to one of the new zones.
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See more of the Red Leaf Forrest on the next page....

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