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Horizons Interview

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by @ Monday - September 03, 2001 - 20:25 -
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An interview conducted by Horizons Stratics with the Lead World Developer of Horizons, Jeremy Statz, was put up a few days ago. The interview has the normal round of questions about beta, programming, difficulties, etc.
Heres a snippet:

    Lyle: How does the development of Horizons compare to any other game you worked on before?

    Jeremy: Massively more complicated, with a lot more unknowns coming into the project. Those unknowns have been a consistant source of worry, and we're working towards solving those one by one.

    The biggest problem encountered is pretty basic, really... a lot of hints were made early on towards features that are just ridiculously ambitious. We're proceeding carefully and thoughtfully towards accomplishing as much of that as we can -- while also trying to logically strip out things that don't pay for themselves with a fun gameplay experience. We had a tremendously complicated death system, for example, that while it would've taken a huge amount of development time, we also felt ultimately would just be frustrating and time consuming more than fun. That's the sort of thing our crosshairs are currently focusing on as a bad move. We want you to play this game because the game itself is fun, not just because you've got friends and don't want to abandon them.

    The problem is, a lot of the current fanbase, who've been a definite boon and helped us become as widely known as we are, is worried that we're going to strip out their favorite hinted-at feature in the process of doing this. While that might happen, hopefully they know I'm serious when I say any decisions like this are ultimately being made in the name of having the most fun game possible. This is, after all, a game -- we'd rather have a really fun and addictive game than an elaborate social simulation.

You can read the interview on the front page of Horizons Stratics.
Source: Voodoo Extreme
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