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Empire of Magic is GOLD

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Thursday - April 17, 2003 - 17:39 -
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We just received the following press release from SummitSoft, indicating that Empire of Magic, the RPG/RTS hybrid from czech developer Mayhem Studios has gone gold:
Summitsoft’s Empire of Magic Goes Gold

Mayhem Studios’ Strategic Role Playing Masterpiece is Complete

OMAHA, NE--(BUSINESS WIRE)—April 17, 2003—Summitsoft Corporation announced today that the long awaited and highly anticipated epic, Empire of Magic™, has completed development and will ship to retail stores before the end of April.

Rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, the game contains an amazing 50-120 hour single player campaign loaded with extensive side quests and extra tasks that will keep gameplay fresh and, more importantly, an incredible artificial intelligence system that promises an engaging and ever-changing gaming experience.

“Summitsoft is proud to add Empire of Magic to the growing list of solid computer strategy games,” says Bruce Lowry, president and CEO of Summitsoft. “Also, with Empire of Magic’s intense roleplaying elements, it is just as much a stand alone RPG as much as it is an elaborate strategy game. The game is so massive that we needed two CDs to contain it!”

The final days of a once mighty empire have come at last. The rotting dead rise from their earthbound sanctuary and, like a plague upon humanity, spread death and destruction across the lands. Armed only with powerful magic, players must take on the role of the young mage Artemian on a quest for truth and a ruthless battle for survival.

• Wield powerful magic. Wipe out entire armies or a single foe with 124 potent spells. Acquire new spells and skills by gaining experience in battles.

• Quest for truth and knowledge. Discover the malevolent forces behind the evil uprising before civilization crumbles. An exhausting number of side-quests and extra tasks enrich gameplay and influence your journey.

• Align yourself with influential heroes. Every action and outcome can change a character’s or a town’s loyalties. Over 100 unique heroes, basic units and creatures and NPC’s will help you on your way or cause you a world of hurt.

• Survive countless deadly confrontations. Evil forces are constantly at work to make the journey long and dangerous. Adjustable difficulty settings allow ease of gameplay or greater bonuses and rewards.
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