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The Moment of Silence - Review @ Just adventure

(PC: Adventures) | Posted by Kristophe @ Thursday - April 14, 2005 - 15:40 -
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Just Adventure's Bob Freese unveils his very upbeat review for The Moment of Silence, in which Bob gives The Moment an overall grading of A-...

I particularly enjoyed the visit aboard the space station. Actually, I went on a freebie trip. As I entered the visitor area, my heart almost stopped when I was met by a hostess named Linda. WOW! Wait, I’ve lost my train of thought …(alright, already, I’m a MCP! My apologies, ladies) ;-)… oh yes she offered me a cocktail. Hmm ….. the cocktail did a number on me. In conversations with the passengers and crew, it turned out the drinks were mandatory. Psychotropic substance, maybe? Everyone aboard seems a little whacked. Peter has to find a way to get back to Earth. An obstacle course of puzzles gets him there.

In summary, House of Tales really surprised me with this epic adventure. With the exception of my two gripes; this offering is, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, on a par with the big games produced by Lucas Arts, Access, the “old” Sierra, and more recently, Microids. I really hope to see another House of Tales adventure released in North America, and soon.

If you’re an adventure nut, this is a must have!

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