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Valhalla Chronicles: Review @ Games Domain

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Moriendor @ Friday - July 05, 2002 - 16:06 -
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Games Domain gives Paradox' Viking-themed RPG Valhalla Chronicles a good ol' beating in its review. A middle finger pointing upwards at something in the sky is the symbol they chose from their rating scale.

Here are some of the reasons:
    So, okay, the combat sucks. What about the quest-structure? It's supposed to be an RPG, it must have quests. And sure enough, occasionally, when you remember to chat to someone rather than show off how poor the animation system is, they ask you to do something vaguely plot-based, to which you agree with through a series of text prompts. Unfortunately, these appear to have been scrawled by the worst writer in the history of gaming. Seriously. After deterring bandits from a nearby town, one begs for mercy and offers you his gang's treasure to spare his life. "Here's the password," you say to the gang's leader at their base. "Oh fine, here's all our treasure," he says. "Oh, and if you ever fight anyone from now on, our entire gang will come and help you in." Eh?! That's about the best plot device this turgid mistake of a game can come up with. Oh dear.
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