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Inquisitor Game Info
Description: In present is the WD team finishing developement of its first game title -
3D isometric action RPG Inquisitor. As its name imply, story of the game is
set into fictional dark medieval kingdom, which stands on the edge of
collapse a where go on terrible fight between heretical sects, church,
aristocracy and knight orders. To terminate the conflict and protect the
religion against heresy was called up inquisition, fact-finding and judical
mechanism of church, which has huge competence. Over the whole land there
where set execution fires and from torture chambers waft screaming of
questioned persons, suspected from heresy. But as it usualy happends, where
is the power, there is the corruption too and dark infermal forces don't
wanna retreat from places, where they sowed the seed of feud. So begin the
story, which will retract player deep into heretical conspiracy, which may
wanna much more then just conquer the kingdom.

Even though the official characteristic of the game is "action RPG", it
doesn't mean, that the only emphasis will be on action and story gradient.
Because the game is, with its character, script and gamedesign, similar to
many other genres, like "classic RPG" or "adventure with strong detective
elements." What to imagine under this? In the first place, player will (in
main story line) have to find, who is the person behind the conspiracy,
which endanger the kingdom. So he have to carry out the quest, which will
depends not only on his might and power, but in the first place on his
cleverness and logical thinking, which he will need to investigate the
crimes. The authors don't mask, that their pattern in this was classical
mediaval fantasy The Name of the Rose, written by Umberto Eco. Not, of
course, in story, but in spirit and way of investigation.

Basic advantage of the game will be its story, which will be different for
all three main characters, which can player choose in the begining. These
characters are priest, paladin and thief, and each of characters will have
many unique skills, which will make them completely different and will
permit the player to try three completely different strategies of gameplay.
Besides it, each character will be taken throught different story, which
will differ especially in player's enemies, opponents and allies. In this
way the player can experience three different adventures and will solve
three different cases, in which old friend can be the most obstinate enemy
and nasty heretic.
Release date: To be announced
Homepage: http://www.wooden-dragon.com/cz/projekty.htm
Publisher: Cinemaxx
Developer: Wooden Dragon
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