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Ultima 2 Enilno Gallery
Sia 'Garrett' Manzari, 2003-07-17

Some new screenshots from Ultima 2 Project: Enilno for your viewing pleasure.

We also have this resumee from the developers:

"Enilno is a fan project with a very ambitious goal: rewrite the story of the Second Age of Darkness.
As you may know, the original game took place on Earth but the lore in later Ultimas makes no reference to that fact, some parts even make us beleive that it took place in Sosaria. Having in mind that most fans consider these tales the rightful lore, the story will take place in Sosaria. This fact offers us a new challenge; no one has attempted to recreate Sosaria during this period. Although this opens exciting doors to improve we are concentrating in continuity, our major concern is to preserve the Ultima lore and not to harm it more like others have done, for that reason we already took the decison of not including Moongates, there are gates in Ultima 2 but the actual Moongates only appear in Ultima 3.
Rewriting the story doesn't mean we are putting the original plot behind, instead we will be using a lot of elements from the orignal game, obviously one of them will be the QuickSword. Players will explore a vast world on a non-linear story where thay can choose their path to overcome Minax, as the player battles evil he will get to know some of bits of Sosaria's history.
Enilno will be using its very own 3D engine, created by our programmer, therefore we are starting from a lower point but the prospects are very high.
Although the team doesn't have a deadline for a release (demo and final) we split the work in stages to make things less complicated.
Stage 1 consisted in constructing the plot, some important documentation was also made while dialogs will be made during the whole game development stage. This stage ended in January 2003.
Stage 2 consists in building and testing the engine. This will probably be the longest for it envolves lots of bug hunting and coding. This Stage is is nearing its end and we expect to release a demo soon.
Stage 3 is the making of the game. With all the elements at hand the team will then assemble the game. Since Stage 2 is still far away from being completed we cannot tell when we will enter stage 3."


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