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Conan Mini-Preview
Based upon the Leaked Demo

Parcival, 2004-02-05

The Demo
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The Demo is very picky on your videocard specifications and codex installed. If you get the game and the intro-movie to run, Couldrons graphics engine gives a rather nice and atmospheric look of the Hyborian world. The game starts out with short intro that could be the start of a great story-telling game. A more than decent voice over introduces Conans main foe in this adventure; the Vulture Cult.
As soon as you're actually in the game, it turns out many things not very refined yet. You often bump into invisible walls and sound and animations donīt always match you actions.

Combat and more combat
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What do you expect from a Conan game? Combat animations very well done and although the controls are probably not final yet I was able to smash the heads of some dirty Vulture Cult followers with a few intuitive clicks on the mouse and keyboard. It has the over all look and feel of a console game, but I suspect the keyboard commands to be well ported.
Defeating enemies gives combat-experience and you'll be able to learn numerous new moves and combo's. I couldn't really judge the development system based on the few minutes of game play that are in this demo. It looked fun though, but solely based on combat.

The bottom line
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If you like a really great action oriented console game, Conan might just be it.  Most RPGDot regulars will probably loath it for not being an rpg at all. And I must admit, although this Conan title is promoted to be an action/rpg, so far there are no rpg real elements to be found. Even if the experience system will turn out to give you that ījust one more levelī addiction and the Vulture Cult plot will unfold well told throughout the game, prime focus will still be on combat and there will probably be world interaction.

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Average Reader Ratings: 5.63 (8 votes)
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