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Arx Fatalis Element of the Week 1

by Garrett, 2001-08-10


We are proud to present you another weeekly feature on RPGDot. From today on, we will bring you Arx Fatalis Elements of the weekly in collaboration with publisher Fishtank on a weekly basis. We start off with the Goblin, the first creature, we will encounter in the game:




From the beginning of time they have been in constant quarrel with the humans. They do not know what this Akbaa cult and the human civilization is about and frankly speaking they are not interested in it at all. Getting paid a fine sum of money for catching humans and bringing them to the Akbaa priests is a totally different story on the other hand.
Being the clever fellows they are, they also tend to take advantage of the rather slow thinking race of the trolls. Tricking those guys into doing heavy gem mining and other feats for them is always good for a laugh in a loose goblin round.

Goblin characters

There are three basic goblin NPC-characters in the game: The "goblin", the "goblin lord" and the "goblin king". The first two characters come in different shapes and looks, differentiating by size, armor equipment and general look. Due to this and the according tweaking of the 3D meshes there is actually great visual variety for the player. The goblin king by the name of Alotar is another story though. He is a unique character and appears only in his one form.


The common Goblin

The "goblin" is the ugly, sneaky and rather small fellow everybody expects. Being a "meanie" makes his day. Constant cursing and having a human prisoner to torture is the greatest for him.

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The Goblin Lord

The "goblin lord" is a far more powerful opponent. Sharing the same basic characteristics with his relative the "goblin" he is a lot taller and able to use more advanced weapons. Due to his physical superiority he ranks by far higher than his smaller colleague. His strength is only rivaled by his arrogance which is also his greatest weakness.   

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The Goblin King

The "goblin king" Alotar is the undisputed ruler of the goblin tribe. Tricking himself onto the throne by manipulating the last "king's election" brought himself in the great position of eating as many of his beloved apple pies as he wants. He is the king, right?! His rival for the throne on the other hand was not to happy with the result of the election. 

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