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Horizons Dev Journal #19 at RPGVault

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Tuesday - May 13, 2003 - 01:57 -
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Dwarves and their mountain citadel of Aughundell - that's the topic of the Horizons Dev Journal #19 at RPGVault, written by David Bowman from Artifact Entertainment. Here's an excerpt:
Dwarven society and culture is one of the richest in tradition and history. It is also one of the most closed societies amongst all the Living Races. Legend places the creation of the Dwarves at the time of the Age of the Gods; Brobbet, the God of Honor, created the Dwarves to serve as his enforcers of justice upon the Prime. Dwarven society is structured around the principles of justice and honor above all things... even at what some might consider the cost of being compassionate and forgiving. The Dwarven clans, though often fractured and argumentative amongst their own political machinations, rally around a single credo they refer to as Brobbet's Divine Mandate: "Without honor, there is no justice; without justice, there is no future." The Dwarves consider the other Living Races to not have the same desire to adhere to Brobbet's Divine Mandate as they themselves continually strive for. This makes relations with the other Living Races merely cordial, at best; of notable exception are the Gnomes, whom they consider to be kindred spirits who are merely errant and who have lost their way.
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