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Dominus Online Interview at Stratics

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Thursday - December 12, 2002 - 15:56 -
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Startics Central has posted a Dominus Online interview with Pat Shearon aka “Hawthorne”, Lead Developer of Dominus Online, and partial owner of Regulator Studios LLC. Here's a bit:
    Q: How will death be handled in the game?

    A: When you die:
    When you die you turn into a ghost, your body decays and your items are placed into a bag on the ground. (Depending on how you die, see below). In ghost form you have a heavy black fog around you and can barely see. You can use private chat but cannot talk publicly. You can move around but cannot go into any buildings or areas you could not go normally. In order to come out of ghost form you must be resurrected by another player, or run to the nearest outpost or starting city for a free resurrection from a town NPC.

    How can I die?
    Death will be handled 2 ways. Dieing by a Monster and dieing in PVP Combat.

    Monster Death – If a monster does 50.1% damage to you within a frame of time the monster is credited with the death. All of your gold and spell casting components will drop to the ground and can be looted by anyone.

    PVP Death – In the event that a player does 50.1% damage to you within a frame of time, that player gets credit for the kill. You drop *ALL* of your belongings except 3 items (you get to place three items in soul bound slots. They will never drop if you die.)
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