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EverQuest - Champions Of Norrath (PS2)
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Wizardry 8 Preview & Interview

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Garrett @ Friday - May 25, 2001 - 15:04 -
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GamePower has posted a preview of Wizardry 8 and an interview with designer Ian Currie. Here's a snip of the latter:

    GP: What are the key differences veteran Wizardry players will notice about the combat and general gaming system this time out? Were there specific elements of the series you targeted for upgrades and changes?

    I.C.: There are lots of differences as it's been quite a while since the last Wizardry episode. The biggest difference is that combat has been given a wonderful upgrade. In previous Wizardry games, monsters would simply slide out of the woodwork in front of you; in Wizardry 8, the monsters pre-exist and are roaming around the world; some even hunt you down. This means you can sometimes spot the monsters before they spot you and flee or hide should you...

Except for Russia, where Buka will publish the title, Wizardry 8 still stands without a publisher worldwide.

Source: RPGVault
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