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Gothic 2 NotR: Interview with mod-team eXodus

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Sem @ Wednesday - December 28, 2005 - 09:52 -
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Gothic Vision has interviewed the german mod team eXodus. Mod-team eXodus has been working on their mod for already 1 years and are now almost at the point to release a demo.

In this mod you will take up the role of Faros, a simple farmer's son, who lives a simple life on the farm. More details of the story aren't made public yet.

It seems to be very promising project. The full mod will offer a world about the size of the Valley of Mines with two cities, several farms, temples and more.
The capital, Valsum, will be about the size of the city of Khorinis without the Upper Quarter. The mod will also include several different landscapes, ranging from woods and mountains to beaches and cities. Several new animals will also be added.
One new feature certainly worth mentioning is the new learning system. In this mod you will no longer need only learning points, but also "practical experience". This means that in order to increase a certain skill or attribute you will also have to use that skill or attribute. For example to increase your one-handed fighting skill, you will first have to fight with a one-handed weapon for a certain amount of time to gain "practical experience".

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