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Vanguard: New Lore @ Official Site

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Inauro @ Friday - January 20, 2006 - 20:27 -
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Part two of the lore puzzled entitled "The Abandoned Soldier" is available at the official Vanguard site.

I canít help but think sometimes I am missing something important. What began as a search for clues to our past here on Thestra has taken a darker turn. At times I fear I have lost my grip on what is true, yet, at others, I begin to understand that perhaps I am the sole holder of a truth that has been hidden from us.

Two of my associates have disappeared. We had begun work on a second message drawn on this fabulous silky cloth. Upon cleaning and preparing the scroll, they excused themselves. An hour later, we looked for them, turning up nothing. Their personal effects are still here, but of them, we have heard nothing.

Despite this alarming setback, we continue as though nothing has happened. It is important that we not show our troubles to our hosts. The people here in the village always keep watch upon us Ė as I have said before. The mayor, a halfling fellow named Grimbo, actually asked us point blank if we could leave the village and find some other place to stay. After paying him some few shillings, he left again, but I fear he will return with more demands.

I note your silence again. Is one letter from you all I will receive out here?

Your faithful son
Source: Vanguard
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