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Road to Allysium Fact Sheet
Parcival, 2004-01-08

Based on the information available throughout the Internet, we compiled a fact sheet on The Road to Allysium. It is accompanied by three brand new screenshot.

Mystical Productions is working on a Dungeon Siege Siegelet names The Road to Allysium. Initiator and project leader is Siege Uneversity master's class winner  Michael "Madigan" Dewitt. The road to Allysium will be a half-conversion to Dungeon Siege, set in an original fantasy world. The Siegelet will be Single player (MP as well, but later on) and offer between 40 to 50 hours of gameplay.


Allysium is a conversion (though not total) of Dungeon Siege. The tactical gameplay is like that of  Dungeon Siege. However the behaviors of both NPC"S and Enemies have been improved to bring the world alive. They created a brand new conversation system. The Gameplay will be a lot more story driven. In Allysium you may be rewarded experience for using proper judgment when dealing with NPC'S.‘The Road to Allysium, will have a new story, new quests, new spells, new races, new monsters, new weapons, new sound effects, new textures, new models, new mood settings and music, new surprises and a new general atmosphere.

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The World
The Road to Allysium exists in its own world in a land known as the "Hearthland". There is a lot of NPC interaction as well as different cultures and races. There will be monsters a-plenty as well as vast towns and unique cities to explore.
The feel of the game at times will seem familiar to Dungeon Siege players, but the Atmospheres and general Moods will let you know that You are In An altogether different world than That of Ehb, Aranna or the Utraen Peninsula. The world is built with the existing node sets packaged with the editor and Allysium has
140 additional nodes and 7 new texture sets at this point.

Story & Player characters
It will have a deeply involving storyline that will unravel as you play the game. "You start out as a lonely Drifter with no origins accept the ones you have made and who finds his or her way to Marafet. That is where the game begins and soon a chain of events begin to take place when you're suddenly referred to as someone you are not, or are you? You don't have amnesia or anything like that. You are you, or at least, you thought you were? It is up to you to unravel the Mystery that is Allysium.  The Characters in Allysium comprise of you and 7 other travellers to join you upon your quest. Destiny, A Woodland Elf, whom there is more to than meets the eye, Geldor, an ages old mage who finds himself resurrected under the same force's which have mysteriously resurrected many evil hordes you will face. Why or what has given Geldor the power to resist the evil influence unlike the others is another mystery. Arielle, A Drow Elf, has an agenda of her own that will tie some things together. Madigan is just a pub loving Gnome for hire, Bjorn, a Viking, whose quest has brought him far north from his homeland. Pug, A rebellious Dwarf that has found he no longer has anything in common with his brethren? and of course a pack mule."

‘The Magic System is comprised of 5 schools, each school is indigenous to the race it was intended. The 5 schools are Fire School, Ice School, Dark School, Spirit School, and Earth School. Each of these is a new skill set like combat or nature magic. This does not mean you will have to play with 5 mages in your party, it just gives you more choices to make.'

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The Team
There are currently 8 people working on the development of Allysium.

  • Michael "Madigan" DeWitt - Project lead, author, map designer, etc, etc, etc.
  • Chris a.k.a. "Silence" - custom weapons and armor, including new effects. Co writer on the storyline/general plot and writer lorebooks
  • Major Hostility - main coder and is responsible for a lot of the custom interface features being implemented in Allysium
  • Deux -  graphics engineer and responsible for designing the interface.
  • Elys - responsible for the multiplayer portion of Allysium,
  • Michael "NiteRage" Wilbur - graphical artist and modeler ( most of the custom weapons )
  • Aaron "Ase" DeWitt -  soundingboard to his dad maddigan and general source of inspiration and idea's.
  • Jim "IceMage" Tran - Spell consultant and coding help
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The project is about 70 % complete, (q3 2003). They hope to be finished and ready for release in the spring of 2004.

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