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Horizons Interview at HomeLan

(PC: MMORPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - December 20, 2002 - 05:29 -
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Good morning. Captain "WhataHangover" reports back for duty. There is a Horizons Interview with Matt Milizia, 3D and texture artist for this upcoming MMORPG at HomeLan today. This is a snip for you:
    HomeLAN - I hear that you've been re-working the snow area. What parts of the technology are you exploiting to capitalize on your textures?

    Matt Milizia - The snow area is going to turn some heads. First off, the snow has that soft diffuse sheen to it, that reacts to light almost the same way snow does in the real world. This was done via well-used specular maps. The effect on the snow is starting to make it look completely photo-realistic while still having a stylized flare. Tony Bertapelli got some insane effects working such as normal mapping (AKA Dot3 bump mapping) on a G-force 2, which is totally unheard of. Even better, it's free on the engine. Textures like the ice have dot3 bump mapping that actually giving it bumped up sheens, simulating the effect light bouncing off the irregularities of the ice and hitting the viewer. Needless to say the area is looking amazing.
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