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Another Anachronox Review

(PC: Single-Player RPG) | Posted by Rendelius @ Friday - August 10, 2001 - 12:21 -
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We had a lot of them lately, and most of them were very positive. The one at Gamers Pulse is no exception, with a rating of 79%. Here's a bit about the mini games in the game:

    There are plenty of action mini-games packed into the game, from Galaga inspired arcade machines that can be played for a “loonie”(Anachronox’s form of currency [Maybe Canada has taken over in this future? - EiC]) to a game that is initiated every time a unique character skill is used. Sly has a lock picking ability that, before being successfully employed, requires the player to figure out a certain number sequence within an allotted time. Grumpos can influence NPC characters with his “yammer” skill. In order to pull it off, a small game in which the correct arrow button must be rapidly pressed at the right time is initiated. This follows for each of the seven playable characters and their unique skills. None are very challenging however, and function well in breaking up the lengthy exploration sequences.
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